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Saturday, April 04, 2009


This past week has been busy although I have not worked as much for the funeral home. I only worked Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. I was called to work Thursday but that's my day to work at the Welcome Desk at my church. I was able to have some meals with good friends this week and that is always a delight. One of God's greatest blessings I believe is the blessing of friendship and community through His Church. For the most part (although not exclusively) my community of friends are through the Body of Believers. The "community of Believers" is not limited to one local church, but rather several congregations.

In between "going" activities, I've been able to accomplish some things on my
"to-do" and "project" lists. But there are things remaining on both lists that I haven't chosen to address yet. But it is good to come to the end of a day or the end of a week and look back with thankfulness at what the Lord has allowed to be accomplished. And those things yet to be accomplished give amply reason for getting up each day. After seven full months of retirement I can still say that it is great! And God continues to provide for my every need and far more "wants" than I deserve. I am not surprised but I am grateful.

This coming week promises to be equally busy. I am celebrating my 73rd birthday Tuesday. Monday night my two "Indiana" girls are taking me to Stone Creek Restaurant for a birthday dinner. Then we are going to Anita's for cake and fun. Tuesday night is my small group. We are beginning a new Bible study that promises to be very challenging. I will have dinner at Anita's before going to the small group study.

Wednesday is a full day--a breakfast meeting in the morning with good friends; a mid-morning meeting at church and a noon lunch with two former co-workers whose friendship I value highly. And so the week goes--work at church, an eye doctor's appointment. And probably some work for the funeral home as well, although I haven't been called to work anywhere yet. I usually know a day ahead the details of when and where I am needed, and what I am needed to do.

Yes, life in the Will of God through Christ is good, indeed. It is very good!

May yours be good as well.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

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As you can see, I have outfitted myself with a bicycle helmet. Someone asked if I wear it. Absolutely! I always wear it when I ride. It took a little getting used to but I'm okay with it now.

Riding sure is fun--except for the hills. Maybe I SHOULD have gotten at least a 3-speed bike. Oh well, this is great for now.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009


I've been riding my new bicycle this afternoon. It has been years since I rode but when I got on, it was as though I'd been riding continuously! I guess they are correct when they say you never forget how to ride a bicycle!

At church this morning I heard about a 20-mile night ride coming up I think next month. It sounds like fun. I don't know if I can get in shape in time for that or not.

I've got to buy a bike helmet now and I'm all set.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Some men have a "mid-life crisis" and they go out and buy a red convertible Porsche or Mustang or some such car. I guess I must have had a "late-life crisis". I bought a red bicycle! I have been slacking off on the treadmill. I still want to exercise. My doctor tells me I can get as good a cardio-vascular workout on the bicycle as I can by walking and it is easier on the knees. Since I have been having a bit of difficulty with my knees, I thought I'd try the bicycle.

I have wanted just a bicycle with plain old coaster brakes. I've not wanted a 21-speed with fancy features. I've wanted a plain old bicycle. I found a couple at Walmart for under $100. One was white and one red. I've always preferred red so that's what I purchased. And it was already assembled. They offered free assembly (a requirement for me) but they let me purchase the one already assembled. Now all I have to do is read the manual to figure out how to raise the seat and I'm ready to go. We're supposed to have some great weather the next few days so I'm looking forward to riding. Let's hope I don't wipe out!

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Sunday, March 08, 2009


If this Journal were a child, the Child Protective Agency would have me in custody! I have neglected it in favor of other things--among them facebook. When my friend set me up with facebook he warned me that it would be addictive. He was correct. There are at least two aspects that are addictive to me: 1) reading what my friends say they are doing; 2) trying to figure out how to navigate facebook! I know I am not getting the full advantage from it. Yet on the other hand, if I could do more with facebook I'd probably be even more addicted and spend more time with facebook. I need a "facebook tutor"!

Another reason I have neglected this Journal is that I have been working a lot at the funeral home. I just finished 9 straight days of work. So much for retirement! But I enjoy it. They wanted me to work tomorrow (Monday) too but I am working at my church's Welcome Desk in the morning.

I enjoy what I do--working for our funeral home at one of their 14 locations and working at my church. I am blessed.

I miss my youngest daughter. Last week she, her husband and my precious grandchildren moved to North Carolina. It's a tough "loss" for me but hopefully it will all be good for them. I'll write more about all that in a few days.

I am enjoying a house guest. Our church's intern is staying with me for the last 3 months of his internship. So far it is going great for me. He's a great guy. I hope it is going okay for him as well. More about that later also.

I'll try to do better with this posting. I do enjoy being able to write more extensive posts than are possible on facebook.


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Friday, January 30, 2009


For those who read the previous post, I had to try 4 CD walkmen before I found one that worked! I gave up on the first store after returning two that didn't work. I went to another store, spent more money for a supposedly better brand and it didn't work either! So I returned it to the second store and after fiddling with it, they agreed it was no good. So they gave me another one just like it. WHOO HOO! It works! And even though I knocked it on the floor when I was on the treadmill, it still works! I've now taken precautions to insure that I won't knock it on the floor again!

I think I've mastered the basics of my basic cell phone. There are still a couple of aggravating things that occur. I keep unintentionally disconnecting calls when I remove the phone from its holster. I must be inadvertently pushing something as I remove it. I've missed an opportunity to work by that means! Also, the phone names and numbers in my speed dial have disappeared a time or two. I have no idea why. I've put them back in and so far they are still there--the last time I checked. But I can at least make calls and receive calls--most of the time.

As for scanning to my computer, my daughter helped me figure that out. Come to find out, it was set up all along. It was just "operator error", the operator being me. So now I can scan and email documents.

I am still living with my one-channel malfunction on the t.v. set. Someone suggested call the cable provider and see if they can assist me with it. So far I'm just living with the aberration of playing the channel through the VCR.

This morning my computer went on the "fritz". I couldn't even re-start it or shut it off. But when I was finally able to re-start it that seemed to cure the problem. It seems to be okay now. I've been having some difficulty with it ever since I got set up for Face Book. I don't know if that's the problem or not.


I've already explained about the scanning project. So that's one project completed.

Pictures in picture frames--well, that's going to have to wait awhile. I'm not motivated.

I received some guidance today from a friend and I'm now ready to set up my bookkeeping system to track outgo versus income. I'll get serious about that in a day or so.

I've about completed another project that I didn't even list in a previous post. I have sorted through all my music and picture CDs and have organized them in my CD tower. And in the process of sorting through them, I have listened to each one. I now have (or will have soon when I complete the project) a usable set of music and picture CDs.

That's enough for this Post. I should have taken some pictures of our foot and a half snowfall of a couple of days ago but I didn't think of it. Maybe I can take some and post later. I am thankful to neighbors who cleaned out my driveway so I could get out.

Maybe the above information somewhat explains--but doesn't excuse--why I have neglected some of my email communication with friends. That, and spending too much time trying to figure out all the nuances of Face Book! I was warned by my friend who set it up for me that it is addictive!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


First equipment problem is one of my television sets. One channel--only one, mind you--has so much static you cannot stand to watch/listen to it. Perplexing! But I finally figured out that if I play that one channel through the VCR it is fine--no static. So that's at least a temporary fix. But I have absolutely no idea what's causing the problem on just that one channel. The channel works fine on all my other t.v. sets in the house.

Then I knocked off my Walkman CD player while I was on the treadmill. Naturally it wouldn't work after that. The radio part worked but the CD lid would not stay closed so naturally the CD wouldn't play. I bought another one just like the previous one. It wouldn't play properly. So I took it back and exchanged it for another player. At least there was no hassle there. I have yet to see if the new one works because . . .

On the same trip out I took my cell phone to the store for what I hoped was a "fix". But I was informed it was too old to be worth fixing. I believe the "too old" part. I have had it many years. So the result: a new cell phone. It is just a cell phone. It doesn't take pictures, play music, etc. But another result of the new cell phone was an evening spent trying to figure it out and working with my phone list. So I haven't taken the new CD player out of the package to see if it works any better than the first one. I've got a lot more "messing" to do with my new cell phone but that will wait for another day. I have to get to bed. I'm working at my church's Welcome Desk in the morning. Friday and Saturday I am working for the funeral home.

In my opinion new things are nice when they aren't so new that I haven't figured them all out yet. So right now I'm wrestling with a new portable CD player and a new cell phone. This is all taking too much time.

I tried to learn to scan to my computer today only to find that the scanning feature hasn't been installed. I have a CD that I think has the necessary installation. I'll have to try to install that, too. More time-consuming things. Not to mention my other "to-do"projects that await my attention. I'm trying to develop a bookkeeping system and I began that process this morning. But I'm still trying to decide how to set that up.

Good thing I'm retired!

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