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Saturday, April 04, 2009


This past week has been busy although I have not worked as much for the funeral home. I only worked Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. I was called to work Thursday but that's my day to work at the Welcome Desk at my church. I was able to have some meals with good friends this week and that is always a delight. One of God's greatest blessings I believe is the blessing of friendship and community through His Church. For the most part (although not exclusively) my community of friends are through the Body of Believers. The "community of Believers" is not limited to one local church, but rather several congregations.

In between "going" activities, I've been able to accomplish some things on my
"to-do" and "project" lists. But there are things remaining on both lists that I haven't chosen to address yet. But it is good to come to the end of a day or the end of a week and look back with thankfulness at what the Lord has allowed to be accomplished. And those things yet to be accomplished give amply reason for getting up each day. After seven full months of retirement I can still say that it is great! And God continues to provide for my every need and far more "wants" than I deserve. I am not surprised but I am grateful.

This coming week promises to be equally busy. I am celebrating my 73rd birthday Tuesday. Monday night my two "Indiana" girls are taking me to Stone Creek Restaurant for a birthday dinner. Then we are going to Anita's for cake and fun. Tuesday night is my small group. We are beginning a new Bible study that promises to be very challenging. I will have dinner at Anita's before going to the small group study.

Wednesday is a full day--a breakfast meeting in the morning with good friends; a mid-morning meeting at church and a noon lunch with two former co-workers whose friendship I value highly. And so the week goes--work at church, an eye doctor's appointment. And probably some work for the funeral home as well, although I haven't been called to work anywhere yet. I usually know a day ahead the details of when and where I am needed, and what I am needed to do.

Yes, life in the Will of God through Christ is good, indeed. It is very good!

May yours be good as well.

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