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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


First equipment problem is one of my television sets. One channel--only one, mind you--has so much static you cannot stand to watch/listen to it. Perplexing! But I finally figured out that if I play that one channel through the VCR it is fine--no static. So that's at least a temporary fix. But I have absolutely no idea what's causing the problem on just that one channel. The channel works fine on all my other t.v. sets in the house.

Then I knocked off my Walkman CD player while I was on the treadmill. Naturally it wouldn't work after that. The radio part worked but the CD lid would not stay closed so naturally the CD wouldn't play. I bought another one just like the previous one. It wouldn't play properly. So I took it back and exchanged it for another player. At least there was no hassle there. I have yet to see if the new one works because . . .

On the same trip out I took my cell phone to the store for what I hoped was a "fix". But I was informed it was too old to be worth fixing. I believe the "too old" part. I have had it many years. So the result: a new cell phone. It is just a cell phone. It doesn't take pictures, play music, etc. But another result of the new cell phone was an evening spent trying to figure it out and working with my phone list. So I haven't taken the new CD player out of the package to see if it works any better than the first one. I've got a lot more "messing" to do with my new cell phone but that will wait for another day. I have to get to bed. I'm working at my church's Welcome Desk in the morning. Friday and Saturday I am working for the funeral home.

In my opinion new things are nice when they aren't so new that I haven't figured them all out yet. So right now I'm wrestling with a new portable CD player and a new cell phone. This is all taking too much time.

I tried to learn to scan to my computer today only to find that the scanning feature hasn't been installed. I have a CD that I think has the necessary installation. I'll have to try to install that, too. More time-consuming things. Not to mention my other "to-do"projects that await my attention. I'm trying to develop a bookkeeping system and I began that process this morning. But I'm still trying to decide how to set that up.

Good thing I'm retired!

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