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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Some men have a "mid-life crisis" and they go out and buy a red convertible Porsche or Mustang or some such car. I guess I must have had a "late-life crisis". I bought a red bicycle! I have been slacking off on the treadmill. I still want to exercise. My doctor tells me I can get as good a cardio-vascular workout on the bicycle as I can by walking and it is easier on the knees. Since I have been having a bit of difficulty with my knees, I thought I'd try the bicycle.

I have wanted just a bicycle with plain old coaster brakes. I've not wanted a 21-speed with fancy features. I've wanted a plain old bicycle. I found a couple at Walmart for under $100. One was white and one red. I've always preferred red so that's what I purchased. And it was already assembled. They offered free assembly (a requirement for me) but they let me purchase the one already assembled. Now all I have to do is read the manual to figure out how to raise the seat and I'm ready to go. We're supposed to have some great weather the next few days so I'm looking forward to riding. Let's hope I don't wipe out!

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Nice bike, Jim! I hope you get some good rides out of it!
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