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Sunday, March 08, 2009


If this Journal were a child, the Child Protective Agency would have me in custody! I have neglected it in favor of other things--among them facebook. When my friend set me up with facebook he warned me that it would be addictive. He was correct. There are at least two aspects that are addictive to me: 1) reading what my friends say they are doing; 2) trying to figure out how to navigate facebook! I know I am not getting the full advantage from it. Yet on the other hand, if I could do more with facebook I'd probably be even more addicted and spend more time with facebook. I need a "facebook tutor"!

Another reason I have neglected this Journal is that I have been working a lot at the funeral home. I just finished 9 straight days of work. So much for retirement! But I enjoy it. They wanted me to work tomorrow (Monday) too but I am working at my church's Welcome Desk in the morning.

I enjoy what I do--working for our funeral home at one of their 14 locations and working at my church. I am blessed.

I miss my youngest daughter. Last week she, her husband and my precious grandchildren moved to North Carolina. It's a tough "loss" for me but hopefully it will all be good for them. I'll write more about all that in a few days.

I am enjoying a house guest. Our church's intern is staying with me for the last 3 months of his internship. So far it is going great for me. He's a great guy. I hope it is going okay for him as well. More about that later also.

I'll try to do better with this posting. I do enjoy being able to write more extensive posts than are possible on facebook.


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